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Take care of your tresses this monsoon

Take care of your tresses this monsoon
July 2, 2018 admin
Take care of your tresses this monsoon

With RAINS comes the RAINBOW……

And clean fresh air……….. The humidity is great for the body, although the hair do feel frizzy.
‘Rain water’ is ‘soft ‘water and devoid of additives such as chlorine, fluoride, ammonia and sodium hydroxide present in public utilities water.

These additives are necessary for safe drinking water but can be drying to the hair and skin. So rain water helps make hair softer.

1) In fact, wrong shampoo and frequent washing of hair can lead to scalp irritation, frizzy or dry hair.The Ph of the hair becomes unbalanced with harsher alkaline cleansers, try sulphate free and non- toxic shampoos that define the specific Ph balance.

2) Keep in mind that most chemical processes for hair like color, relaxers, spas, etc. are very alkaline, so it’s especially important to use an acidic conditioner to bring hair back to 4.5-5.5 Ph. Avoid extremes in all your hair regimes.

3) Completely avoid home remedies especially applying milk, yogurt etc as it can cause fungi or bacteria in the hair and scalp.The human hair and scalp has a Ph balance if tipped can be susceptible to all of the above.

4) Champi or oil massage sounds relaxing although most treated hair procedures do not allow oiling of hair, you could use Organic or pure plant gels that will sooth the scalp and nourish the hair. If you do plan to oil your hair, keep it overnight for complete hydration.

I love the rains, in fact I would suggest you fill rain water and use it to wash your face and hair. Dance in the rain; enjoy Mother Nature whenever you can grab a chance.

Enjoy the monsoon and send us your fun rain pictures. We would love to post the best natural ones.
Feel good to look great!

Organic Living in the NOW……..

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